Strategies for Growth

  1. We have to get better in our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts. We've seen some modest success in 2020-21 in doing that, and we are making better use of the tools we have available to maintain and even slowly increase our percentages.

  2. We have to raise more money. A party committee in a small county like ours doesn't need a lot of money, but making sure we have enough for those GOTV efforts in number 1 is essential. Click on our Donate page and contribute to us via ActBlue or directly by check.

  3. Increase our online presence. This website and other online efforts we're engaging in is making us more effective at communication to our voters. One good thing that may come out of the COVID experience for all of us are the new ways we've learned to communicate with one another, virtual yes, but more "face to face" than social media methods tend to allow.

  4. Increase our community presence. Kind of goes hand in hand with number 3, but as we rebuild, "old school" canvassing and surveys allow us to address the real issues in the community affecting people's lives.

  5. Be an active civic organization. Yes, political parties are partisan, but it seems like lately that's all either of the two major parties know how to be anymore. We (Democrats and Republicans) have to remember that much of the election process relies on us, the parties, helping out citizens and cooperating with one another. We've had a good tradition of that here in Dade, and we plan on continuing and building upon that with our Republican neighbors and our local election office.